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Electric Sky is a leading international distributor of factual and arts programming. Representing a strong range of titles and producers ranging from BAFTA-winning indies to super indies and broadcasters from all around the world.

Based in the UK and Hong Kong, Electric Sky offers a full service distribution operation including; funding, rights management, technical support and post-production facilities.

With a diverse catalogue featuring over 2000 hours of inspired programming and a vast network of contacts in the international marketplace, the company has continued to enjoy a successful business growth since it was established in 1998. Electric Sky has a highly accomplished sales team of multilingual professionals who have strong contacts with Broadcasters for TV, as well as platforms such as, inflight, IPTV, VOD and Mobile.

In a nutshell we offer:

• A friendly team dedicated to marketing and selling your production

• Presence for your title at all the major international markets

• Marketing via email campaigns, website, press and social media

• A secure online screening facility for buyers

• Advice and support as you develop new projects

• Feedback reports on request

• The sound of seagulls in the background of phone calls*

Producers looking for distribution or more information - please contact Vicky in our acquisitions team:


More detail:


Electric Sky is happy to discuss finding deficit funding either through pre-sales, co-productions or AFP. We are experts at brokering international co-production deals and can provide advice on a range of other finance raising solutions for the right project.


We use an array of methods to bring your programming to the attention of buyers in territories all around the world, delivering regular targeted campaigns by email, direct mail and utilising relevant news stories to get press and tweets constantly highlighting the catalogue. Above all, the quality of our programming is what drives sales and our marketing team are constantly developing innovative ways to ensure broadcasters view your titles.


The Electric Sky team prides itself in delivering sales across all platforms, taking on the juggling act of contracts and rights management on your behalf. In addition to making regular territory visits, our team take a raft of meetings on our bright and airy stand at Miptv, Mipcom and at many other international markets around the world. Building successful relationships is an important part of what makes us an approachable distributor and we pride ourselves on being considered the ‘go to’ company for offering buyers “hidden gems” as well as long running, returnable series and much more.

Technical Info for Producers

For full technical specifications for SD, HD and 3D please see here. If you have any questions regarding deliverables or any other technical issues then we offer a technical helpline or email service. Please contact Chris at BTV Post who will be able to help you out. This service is available to any producers with content placed with us and must relate to that content.

+44 (0) 01273 224 280


If a programme is shot on HDV or any of the other formats mentioned, broadcasters will consider it to be standard definition and not high definition. This is true for all broadcasters now. So they will take it, but only if advertised as SD.

*UK office only, not guaranteed.

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