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Welcome to Electric Sky’s Performance Programming   
We are proud to introduce our spectacular performance catalogue, encompassing music, opera and ballet productions from Opus Arte, the Royal Opera House and Gylndebourne. Please order screeners for individual performances or screen our showreel online which includes a selection of stunning productions.

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Vintage TV new release   
Vintage TV is a music channel like no other – dedicated to the tunes that provide the soundtrack to our lives. We bring you simply the best of a century of popular music, culture, fashion and trends.

Electric Sky are proud to present a collection of music of quality and longevity; a vital, unique offering for those who grew up with the many vintage artists still touring and recording, and the younger demographic beginning to appreciate them.

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3 McGregor Ballets: Infra, Chroma & Limen   
3 x 30'       high definition
This world premiere collection from the Royal Ballet’s resident choreographer Wayne McGregor with designs by Julian Opie. This specially commissioned trilogy was highly praised by critics and public alike.

AVAILABLE SEPARATELY OR AS A TRIPLE BILL -- WHEN SCREENING - Infra 35:00, Chroma 29:00, Limen 34:45 - DVD Extras currently unavailable. --

A Royal Opera House Production
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A Mid Summer Nights Dream

A Mid Summer Night's Dream - 2013 new release   
1 x 168'       high definition
Hermia loves Lysander and Helena loves Demetrius – but Demetrius is supposed to be marrying Hermia… When the Duke of Athens tries to enforce the marriage, the lovers take refuge in the woods and wander into the midst of a dispute between the king and queen of the fairies.

A Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Production
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A Million Pound Place In the Sun   
3 x 49'      
In this series Amanda Lamb travels to Europe's most exclusive destinations to see what two million pounds can buy in the hottest property markets around. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

A Freeform Production for Channel Four
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A Night In with Robbie Williams   
1 x 67'       high definition
Robbie Williams is nothing less than an icon. In this exclusive interview special, one of the biggest and best loved entertainers in the world discusses life, love, fatherhood and music.

A Fulwell 73 Production for Sky1
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A Place In The Sun 20 Best   
1 x 48'      
This one-off, hour-long special follows Property babe and house-hunting expert Amanda Lamb on her mission to identify the best twenty places to buy abroad. This is her ultimate guide to the places in the world to invest in property right now.

A Freeform Production for Channel Four
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A Question of Innocence new release   
1 x 44'       high definition
This political documentary takes a look at the death penalty in the United States by centering on Tommy Zeigler who, now 68, has been on death row in Florida for almost four decades. While new evidence has surfaced that may prove Zeigler’s innocence, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is campaigning to accelerate the schedule of upcoming executions.

A Mystique Films Production for ID Films
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Addicted to Food: Sharon's Story   
1 x 50'      
This is the tragic story of Sharon Mevsimler, a 45 stone woman who had a life saving operation – and then starved herself to death at the age of 41.

An Electric Sky Production for Discovery UK
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Addicts' Symphony new release   
1 x 67'       high definition
The highly respectable world of classical musicians is rarely linked to addictive behaviour. In this uplifting one-off documentary, the composer and musician James McConnel examines music’s extraordinary transformative power, as he unites ten classical musicians whose lives have all been blighted by addiction, in an orchestra for a spectacular one-off performance with the London Symphony Orchestra.

A Big Mountain Production for Channel 4
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Adopt Me I'm a Teenager

Adopt Me, I'm a Teenager   
1 x 48'      
In America if you want to be adopted, you have to get yourself noticed. Justine and Lakeisha are two 14 year-olds who are doing just that. They take part in uniquely American marketing techniques including adoption parties and TV shows to attract interest in them while they search for families to give them a lifetime commitment, something they didn’t get from their parents.

An Endboard Production for Channel 4
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After Happily Ever After   
1 x 54'      
'After Happily Ever After' is filmmaker Kate Schermerhorn's quirky, funny and moving personal quest for the secret to a happy marriage and answers some timely questions about the institution itself.

A Luna Park Production
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1 x 50'      
Death is one of life’s certainties and the one thing we all have in common. But what happens after we die? 'Afterlife' takes us on a fascinating trip into the remote villages and urban jungles of Asia, exploring old and new ways of ritualising death and celebrating the afterlife with traditions that have existed for thousands of years but are now under threat from the demands of Westernisation.

A VHQ Production
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Aida 1994   
1 x 151'      
Cheryl Studer, in the title role, leads an excellent cast including Dennis O’Neill and Luciana D’Intino in Elijah Moshinsky's 1994 production of Verdi's extravagant and magnificent Egyptian opera.

A BBC/ Royal Opera House Co-production
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Aidan and Parents

Aidan: My New Face new release   
1x60       high definition
In this unique and exclusive access documentary, Karl and Vikki Smith from Newcastle are on an impassioned journey to solve the mystery of their son Aidans 1-in-a-billion illness. Disfiguring, potentially lethal and unlike anything seen before in the world, we will be with the Smith family through both the struggles and joy of bringing up Aidan.

An Electric Sky Production for Discovery Life
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Albania: Land of Eagles   
1 x 58'      
Robin and Louella Hanbury-Tenison set out to ride through the wild and arrestingly beautiful landscape of Albania. Following in the footsteps of Byron and Edward Lear, they explored spectacular mountains, hidden valleys and communities living untouched by the 21st century.

A Mickey Grant Production
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland   
1 x 122'       high definition
This new full-length ballet created by Christopher Wheeldon for The Royal Ballet brings the famous story and its equally famous characters to the ballet stage. The Victorian childhood of Lewis’ Carroll’s Alice and her encounters with extraordinary people, strange creatures and unusual events has given The Royal Ballet an entire new world to create, and also provides a great chance to see the whole Company on stage in new guises.

A Royal Opera House Production
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All's Well That End's Well

All's Well That Ends Well   
1 x 138'       high definition
All’s Well That Ends Well grinds the romantic against the realistic at every turn and brilliantly reverses all the usual expectations of Shakespearean comedy. Some of Shakespeare’s most inventive language gives life to not just his single-minded heroine and her churlish lover, but a fantastic cast of frauds, cynics, sentimentalists and buffoons.

A Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Production
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America's Deadliest Prison Gang   
1 x 49'      
Using secret codes they ran a criminal network from isolation cells in maximum security prisons across America, a regime so ruthless that they controlled the federal prison system and used it as their power base. This is the story of the ruling Council of The Aryan Brotherhood who are now being brought to justice for hundreds of violent and bloody acts of murder and assault, intimidation and racketeering.

A Leopard Films Production for Channel 4
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An Insatiable Hunger   
1 x 45'      
Life is full of challenges – but some people face more than their fair share. Some grow up in a world where parents must padlock the fridge and cupboard doors to keep food away from their children. This compelling one-hour documentary follows four families – each with children living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).

A Gibson Group Production for TV3
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Anna Nicole   
1 x 120'       high definition
A young Playboy model, an octogenarian billionaire husband, intrusive media fascination and a tragically early death. This is a roller-coaster of a real contemporary life for a blockbuster of a contemporary opera by the acclaimed opera composer Mark-Anthony Turnage (Greek and The Silver Tassie) and librettist Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer: the Opera).

A Royal Opera House Production
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Another Pakistan

Another Pakistan   
1 x 51'      
This is a Pakistan the rest of the world never sees: colourful, musical and vibrant. Another Pakistan takes a different look at a country widely perceived as backward, dangerous and a hotbed for terrorism, driven by Islamic fundamentalism at odds with the modern age.

A Jaymedia / Shere Khan Production
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Antibiotic: Kill or Cure?   
1 x 50’      
Investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre reveals the shocking truth about MRSA and how society’s misuse of antibiotics and appalling hygiene practices has taken us to the point where certain bacterial infections are virtually unstoppable.

A Meter Film and Television Production
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Artemisia, Undaunted   
1 x 56'       high definition
Artemisia Gentileschi is the queen of Baroque Painting, the darling of feminist art historians, the subject of at least three best sellers, and one highly criticised movie. But what most people remember of Artemisia’s life and what they see in her art is her rape at the age of 17. But did this cruel attack and the subsequent betrayal really lead Artemisia to act out some form of revenge in her painting?

A Doclab SRL/ Spring Films Production for Sky Arts
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As You Like It   
1 x 147'       high definition
A firm favourite among Shakespeare’s comedies, and including some of his bestloved characters, As You Like It runs the glorious gamut of pastoral romance: cross-dressing and love-notes; poetry and brilliant conversation; gentle satire, slapstick and passion.

A Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre / Opus Arte co-production in association with Electric Sky
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1 x 52'      
As the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was remarkable. Born in 1881 in the Turkish minority of Macedonia he was taught to respect geographical borders. Academically excellent he was always fascinated with European culture and during the First World War his aim was to save the East. In this programme we see this soldier develop into a respected president, great leader and visionary of modern times.

An Olivier Consultants Overseas Production
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1 x 60'       high definition
This one hour documentary, filmed in the UK and Colombia, exposes the grim journey of cocaine, with unique access to the elite Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency, coca-farmers, prisoners, addicts, drugs courts, families, counsellors, police and the authorities in the fight against cocaine.

A Glasgow Films Production for BBC Scotland
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1 x 60'      
As recession bites, more people cannot pay their bills – and are running increasingly into the arms of the bailiff. Using secret cameras, TV investigators penetrate this world by obtaining employment in a leading bailiff firm and filming what happens when bailiffs meet the public.

A Snapper TV Production for ITV1
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Barnard Straight From The Heart   
1 x 52'      
From humble beginnings in the barren, semi-desert Karoo region of South Africa, Christiaan Barnard’s life developed into a rollercoaster of fame and fortune, making him one of the most recognisable faces of the 1960s. This film tells the troubled life story of a brilliant surgeon and an enigmatic man.

An Adastra Production for M-Net
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Beyond Words   
1x48'       high definition
Kirstie and Catherine Fields are identical twin sisters suffering from the rarest disease in the world. So rare, the degenerative condition is named after them. This film follows these incredible and inspirational girls as they approach their 18th birthday knowing that their bodies are slowly dying.

A Bulb Films Production for BBC
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