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Monaco Race Of Kings


Ever since 1929 the quiet principality of Monaco is visited by an exclusive spectacle of glitz, glamour and motor racing glory. In Monaco, motor racing garners an almost regal status and its winners are racing kings. This enthralling film attempts to explain the Riviera’s fascination with fast cars, the importance of Monaco as a location and the magic of this last urban racetrack.


Monaco © Archives SBM Avenue du Beau, Rivage, 1931 Monaco © Archives SBM car n°34 – Carrociola 1929 Monaco © Archives SBM Boulevard Albert 1er


Amongst the yachts, casinos, nightclubs and hotels, death-defying racing cars rocket through the narrow streets at an unbelievable 300km an hour. At a time where wider tracks and better adapted circuits have been purpose-built for safety reasons, Monaco appears to be a dangerous relic. Despite its difficult and unforgiving track, the Monaco Grand Prix is the highlight of the Formula 1 racing calendar. Stirling Moss believes it is the extra danger that makes Monaco preferable to other circuits.

With previously unseen archive footage from the 30s to the 80s we see this event attract great actors like Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Sellers and we speak to motor racing personalities such as Jackie Stewart, Bernie Eccelston and Ayrton Senna. In their words this is the only place where motor racing heroes get to experience such intimacy with their crowd and rub shoulders with royalty.

As the showroom for Formula 1, Monaco is excessive, exuberant and exciting. This fascinating film captures the carnival feel of motor racing, illustrating the importance of Monaco’s unique location and how it can be regarded by many as jewel in the crown of Formula 1.

A ZETA Production for Arte

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