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Mussolini: The Final Truth


For fifty years the Italian Communist Party has taken credit for the execution of Mussolini and his mistress Claretta Petacci. In recent developments contradictory evidence has emerged revealing the real killer to have been an Italian partisan recruited by a British Secret Service Agent acting on orders from Churchill. Incriminating correspondence between Churchill and Mussolini lead to the assassination and this fascinating two-part documentary reveals the secrets involved.


Mussolini in newspaper Churchill dead woman



The Execution of Mussolini
The drama of the final hours of Mussolini and his mistress Claretta Petacci is captured in this 1-hour documentary. Eyewitnesses describe Mussolini and his mistress' movements up until the moment of their execution by a British commando on orders from Winston Churchill on the morning of April 28, 1945. The story exposes the lie in the official version, maintained for over half a century, of an execution that same afternoon by a member of the Italian Communist Party, seeking credit for having rid Italy of a fascist tyrant.

The Mussolini - Churchill Secret Correspondence
The motive for the execution of Mussolini on Churchill’s orders was the twenty-year secret correspondence between the two statesmen. Churchill did all he could at the end of the Second World War (between 1945 and 1952) to recover the letters of which Mussolini made various copies entrusted to close collaborators. Following the death of the dictator and his mistress a series of murders neatly disposed of witnesses to their authentic execution and of the individuals who knew of the secret correspondence.


A D4 Production (Italy) in association with Maria Luisa Forenza and Peter Tompkins

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