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Secret Life Of The Rainforest (3D)


This stunning 3D film transports you deep into Panama’s Rainforest. Join scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, STRI, as they visit Barro Colorado Island in the centre of the Panama Canal. Follow their human drama and the wildlife action, as they push themselves to the limit to gather data that could not only save rainforests but also provide vital information about the future of our planet.


Secrets of the Rainforest uncovers the unique environment of Barro Colorado Island in intricate detail. Travelling from the canopy to the forest floor, our 2D/3D film peels back the beauty of the forest layer by layer. Our cameras deliver breathtaking visuals, swinging through the treetops of the canopy layer, or exploring the macroscopic details of the smallest bugs and creepy crawlies that keep this extraordinary ecosystem ticking along – for the first time in 3D. The editorial narrative links the work of the scientists together to reveal hidden details of rainforest plants and animals. As well being captivated by the stunning images we learn something new about this unique habitat – something which, by its very nature, filming in 3D helps us understand better. The purpose of this film is to unveil scenes of both large and small animals that a casual visitor might miss: Leaf-cutter ants slicing through canopy leaves and carrying them into their nests where they use them as fertiliser in the subterranean gardens of fungi.

We swing through the canopy with a real-life Tarzan, as scientists use climbing ropes to reach and capture wild sloths in the tops of the trees. By studying their brain wave patterns they’re revealing how the forest has forced sloths into being the most lackadaisical animals around.

Even trees get in on the act – hiring contract killers to murder would-be seed thief’s, and even manipulate the weather to make conditions just right for their own growth. Rainforests trees hold more carbon than is found in the entire earth’s atmosphere – a fact that makes these places vital to the survival of the planet in the face of global climate change.

Even though rainforests occupy less than 6 percent of the earth's surface, almost half of all species of living things are found here – perhaps five million kinds of plants and animals – and that makes rainforests the ultimate natural history studio. With a cast of creatures from the most colourful frogs, to frog-eating bats; acrobatic spider monkeys to nocturnal ocelot cats; sluggish sloths to the smallest tarantula spiders and the insects of the forest floor;

Secret Life of the Rainforest reveals the most intimate lives of this living laboratory.

An Electric Sky Production for Sky 3D and Smithsonian

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