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Glamour Puds - Series 2


Glamour Puds Series Two sees French master Patissier Eric Lanlard uncover the story of the first celebrity chef – Antonin Careme. Eric recreates the lavish desserts created by Careme, and shows how to bring a touch of nineteenth century splendour to your dinner party.


Glamour Puds Series 2 Glamour Puds Series 2 Glamour Puds


1: Who was Careme?
Eric begins his journey by visiting Michel Roux Jnr at his Michelin Star restaurant Le Gavroche. They discuss Careme’s influence on patisserie and how he became the worlds first celebrity Chef, cooking for Napoleon, Tsar Alexander and the Prince Regent. Eric cooks Michel a traditional Careme dessert, hoping Michel will put it on the specials for dinner that night. Eric then re-creates five incredible Careme style edible centre pieces, decorated with petit fours, for a dinner party in London. Recipes on the show include a chocolate fondant with orange sauce and Vacherine Glace, a frozen meringue with cream, ice cream, and berries.

2: French Revolution
Eric sets off to Paris on a journey of discovery. He visits the spectacular Versailles Palace, meeting Historian Lisa Hilton to understand the roots of the French revolution, and the role the Bourbon Monarchy played in their own downfall. The episode concludes with Eric baking revolution themed cupcakes for a dinner party in Paris. Recipes on the show include the Kings cake, a pastry that celebrates twelfth night in France, and The Matches Cake, a Careme invention, individual cakes using puff pastry, royal icing and crème mousseline.

3: The Rise of the Celebrity Chef
Eric examines the humble beginnings of Careme, who was abandoned as a child in Paris during the revolution. But as the political landscape changed, and the birth of the restaurant changed the way Europeans ate, Careme found himself cooking for the Emperor Napoleon. Eric visits the stunning Valencay Palace in the Loire Valley, once home to Napoleon’s diplomatic mastermind, Prince Talleyrand. Eric cooks a seasonal sweet pumpkin pie in the amazing historic kitchens. Eric also creates a macaroon tower, and caged apples in a zabaglione sauce.

4: Napoleon’s Wedding
Eric arrives in the picturesque Compiegne Palace in Northern France, to tell the story of why Napoleon left Josephine, and re married an Austrian princess. Eric relives their grand wedding day with historian Peter Hicks, and finds out why Careme stormed out of the Kitchen. Eric then cooks his own stunning wedding cake for a lucky couple planning their wedding in Brighton. Recipes include a two tiered chocolate cake that you can make for your own celebration, and Gateaux Mont Blanc, individual meringues with chestnut cream.

5: The Russians Are Coming
The Napoleonic wars almost crushed Europe, but Britain and Russia had the last laugh when Paris fell. Eric visits the setting of the great victory celebration in Champagne. It was here that Careme cooked for the Tsar, Wellington and hundreds of their generals, and where the Russians stole thousands of the champagne houses stock! Eric takes a tour of the region and cooks a Champagne inspired dish for the tasting of the new vintage. Other recipes on the show include a dish Careme made for the Russian’s, Pudding Diplomat, and a visually stunning fruit terrine.

6: The Congress of Vienna
Joined by historian Kate Williams, Eric learns about Careme’s role in the Congress of Vienna, where he cooked for the most influential politicians and aristocrats of the time. Eric then cooks Petit Fours at the stunning Art History Museum of Vienna for 150 influential guests of his own! He also cooks a rum baba, and an orange soufflés presented in their own skins. Food glorious food!

7: Vienna and the spoils of War
Eric takes a local tour of famous Viennese coffee houses, finding out about the history of the famous café culture in this beautiful city. Coffee and croissants were introduced into Europe when the Ottomans failed to invade Vienna, and then it’s another famous Viennese dish Eric tackles, the Sacher Torte. He also cooks a pink champagne Charlotte and a beautifully presented Pear Blamange with spices.

8: Regency Britain
Eric hears how the victorious British loved French food again after the Victory over Napoleon at Waterloo. Eric visits the Royal Pavilion in Brighton where the Prince Regent paid a fortune for Careme’s services. Eric visits the restored kitchens, the best equipped in Europe at the time, and discovers that the worlds first celebrity Chef and the Prince did not see eye to eye. Eric cooks a delicious creamy dessert with pralines and hazelnuts, and a chocolate and apple tart.

9: Careme in Russia
Eric’s journey of discovery takes him to St Petersburg where he cooks a chocolate Faberge egg for the captain to pay for his passage. On arriving in the Venice of the north he visits the amazing Winter Palace. Here he learns of Careme’s eventful stint trying to cook for Tsar Alexander, why he was suspected as a spy, and how he ended up inventing the third course, the dessert. Eric also cooks the easiest soufflé in the world, and the French classic floating island.

10: Careme’s legacy
Eric discovers how Careme ended his days cooking for the most powerful family in the world, The Rothschild’s. He completed his now legendary cook books, and Eric discovers his legacy in the patisseries of Paris. Recipes include French classics inspired by the great man, The Religious Cake, and Petit Fours.


A The Last Word production for Channel 4

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