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The Real Dirk Diggler: The John Holmes Story


The story of John Holmes is one of sex, drugs and murder. He is the real life inspiration for Marky Mark's character Dirk Diggler in the Hollywood movie "Boogie Nights". John Holmes led a crazed and colourful life and left behind a large archive of his extraordinary activities, not least the 2,500 porn films he is credited on.



This hour-long documentary is a blend of archive, wry commentary, modern day footage and intimate interviews.

Interviewees include John’s wife, his brother, his manager, his best friend, the judge who prosecuted him and the copper who ran him as a police informer.

Rumours about John Holmes are put straight: Holmes wasn’t discovered in a restaurant working in the kitchens. He attended an open audition, got out his tackle and was hired on the spot.

Few people in the history of civilization could have slept with more women than John Holmes. Featuring in over 2,500 sex flicks, Holmes performed sex with two generations of the top porn stars from Seka and Marilyn Chambers to Ginger Lynn and Ciccolina.

His most famous role was that of the tough talking detective Johnny Wadd, a cross between James Bond and a very Dirty Harry. He made a whole series of these feature length movies that featured proper plots and graphic sex scenes. Critics say it was partly John’s unassuming and unthreatening nature in his early films that helped to make him a star. Holmes had an appetite for sex and drugs that few others could match.

He consumed industrial amounts of cocaine and for many years juggled with a wife and two girlfriends, including a 15 year-old mistress plus, of course, countless co-stars and an addiction to prostitutes.

John’s life exploded into drama with a huge cocaine rip-off deal (featured in abridged form in Boogie Nights). It is a fantastic true heist story with John planning and leading the high-risk mission. The murder of four residents of a house on Wonderland Avenue was the revenge for John’s rip-off crime. John was charged with the murders. Whether he did it or not depends on whom you choose to believe. The aftermath of the murders was captured on video by the LAPD and this gruesome footage is featured in the documentary.

John Holmes died of an AIDS-related illness in 1987 aged 37. In his will, John instructed his wife to check his body was intact before cremation as he didn't want somebody to steal his most famous asset for public display.

Movies related to John Holmes include: Boogie Nights (1997) and Wonderland (2004) see www.imdb.com

A Vashca Production for FIVE

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