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I'll Try Anything Once


In this series our host, Touré, accesses fascinating worlds, notching up a bizarre array of challenges as he goes. Game for anything, he’s armed with little more than his curiosity and a sense of humour as he’s welcomed into diverse communities, given a challenge and then sets about learning the ropes. Touré will try anything once.




In each show our host meets a mentor who introduces him to a strange new world. Having familiarised himself with the community the host is set a challenge, in the course of the show he must train to complete this task. Think ‘Faking It’, but for real! By rolling up his sleeves and getting involved, the host really gets under the skin of the people and the mindset of the world he’s entered and reports back ‘gonzo’ style.

Our host is determined to test himself physically and mentally in a series of quests sure to test his metal. There’s no script and some of the locations and challenges are a little scary. Exploring the roots of these cultures – some of which are a little subversive – and what drives its participants is an ‘out there’ approach to anthropology, examining what makes us tick whilst racking up an enviable array of ‘out there’ experiences to match. Overcoming fears and uncovering little known worlds, our host is a pioneer into undiscovered country. I’ll Try Anything Once combines ‘adventure travel’ with fun in an exploration of the diverse and often downright bizarre challenges people feel compelled to set themselves. Our host asks why, and then, how! Meeting people who, for a living, or purely for the love of it, pursue activities that are, to put it mildly, out of the ordinary, our host is a man of the people, rolling up his sleeves and getting involved…


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Demolition Derby
Die-hard New York subway rider Touré couldn’t be more out of his element when he travels 500 miles to rural Indiana, the heart of demolition derby country, to apprentice with 100-time crash and bash champion Larry Staats. The intrepid wordsmith has four short days to learn it all – from experiencing a full impact collision to how to inflict maximum damage on another car– before he’s entered into a three heat competition with the nation’s most legendary demo derby artists.

Rodeo Clown
In this episode, Touré enters the world of human bull bait in Cody, Wyoming, when he gambles life and limb to become a rodeo clown. After a rough and tumble training with veteran bull dodging clown Timber Tuckness, Touré is left alone in the middle of the ring to protect the riders (and himself) from 2,000 pounds of angry bull.

Extreme Animal Remover
Rats, bees, raccoons, hogs and snakes are just some of the creatures that wildlife remover Johnny Vincent deals with everyday in his Florida pest control business. While Johnny can certainly cut the mustard when it comes to removing such extreme prey, can Touré survive four days living and working in Mr. Vincent’s shoes? Viewers witness Touré as he learns to trap raccoons, handle snakes and deal with a horde of 50,000 angry bees.

Stunt Academy
Kim Kahana of Groveland, Florida is a stuntman legend. At 78 his resume reads like some of Hollywood’s greatest actors. Not surprising because he‘s acted as a double for many of the great names like Charles Bronson. In this episode, Touré learns that stunt artistry is not just about thrills and spills but discipline, strength and courage – as well as great acting! Can Touré learn how to pull off the perfect fake fight, while he confronts his serious fear of heights?

Lumberjack Competition
In this episode, urban culture and music expert Touré heads far into the woods in Northern Wisconsin to spend four days pursuing the sporting side of one of America’s most dangerous jobs – lumberjack. Under the guidance of world champion Chris Fischer, Touré learns the ins and outs of, then competes in, the rough and tumble world of competitive timber sports. From log rolling to axe throwing, Touré certainly sharpens his skills, but how will they serve him in the episode finale – a competition against some of the best timber sport titans?

Women's Football
It’s most every little boy’s fantasy to grow up and be a football superstar. But what if the league that boy is playing in is comprised entirely of women, the most talented semi-pros in the nation? In this episode, Touré travels to Arizona to train for and play a full-contact game with the fastest and most furious femme pigskinners in the West, The Tucson Monsoon. With body-builder and local fire captain Diana Benson putting him through his paces, Touré has four days to prove he’s tough enough for a place in this top squad.

Toure is a New Yorker but he’s no idea how much trash the city generates or how it gets cleared and above all who does this filthy job. He soon finds out, though, from Gary Montiel, a veteran New York trashman of The Junkpros. It’s not long before Toure is mixing it with the mice and the rats clearing disused apartments. Then he’s riding the trucks on the night shift with M&M Sanitation Service picking up trash just dumped on the sidewalk from hundreds of eateries. Finally he’s given the job of clearing a trash mountain in the Bronx. It stinks and under each pile of garbage he expects to find rotting flesh. He finishes the job with nothing but respect for the men who clean up New York.

Le Scandal
Bonnie Dunn is a veteran burlesque performer and impresario in Le Scandal Cabaret now in its eighth year at The Cutting Room, New York City. Toure is new to the art form. So can he possibly learn a series of acts in less than four days? It’s a tough assignment. As an aerialist he struggles to get a grip. As a magician there is the illusion of success. But can he pass himself off in the finale as a burlesque stripping partner for Bonnie? It’s Toure as you’ve never seen him before.

Restaurant Chef
Toure can hardly cook an omlette, so how on earth is he going make out as a high class chef. Helping him to achieve the impossible is John Greco lll, who runs an upmarket restaurant in New York’s Greenwich Village, Phillip Marie. But teachers don’t come tougher than this man whose idea of mentoring is to shout and scream at his pupil. In the manic atmosphere of the kitchen Toure learns some basic rules the hard way: don’t burn the food, don’t sweat in the food, don’t burn yourself and respect the top man. But can Toure really prepare a meal for a dozen high paying and discerning customers?

Sky Diving
As Toure says: it’s just not natural to jump out of a plane at 14,000. So he starts out in a wind tunnel in Orlando, Florida and by day two he is back in Clewiston at Skydive Air Adventure Inc to do his first jump for real. This time he is strapped to his mentor, former marine, Rick Hornsby. After hours of training Toure’s prepared for his first solo jump. It’s exhilarating and its dangerous….. and he comes within a split second of catastrophe as he plunges to earth, spinning out of control. He has a big decision to make: will he dare to jump again?

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An Electric Sky Production for Treasure HD One of the Voom Networks

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