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The Castration Cure


The Castration Cure is a shocking and honest film examining the legal castration of child sex offenders in the USA, in a bid to rehabilitate them.



Filmed in several US, maximum-security hospitals and prisons for the most dangerous offenders, we meet the five men who believe castration is the only solution to their deviant behaviour. The men describe frankly the crimes they have committed and why they have decided to take such desperate measures to prove they’re no longer a menace to society.

James has spent almost 20 years locked up. He’s a compulsive paedophile, all his victims were boys under the age of 11 – one, a 6 year old, was the son of a family friend. James has undertaken chemical castration – an implantation of the drug Lupron, which is believed to remove the trigger for his sexual urges. He claims since administering the drug, he’s not had a sexual thought for four years. If this is true, James is taking a step closer to be released to the outside world.

16 years ago Richard worked at his local YMCA, when he admitted to molesting 42 of the boys in his care he became one of the most feared men in Dallas. Richard is now surgically castrated. He believes that the measure he’s taken proves that he’s paid his debt to society and should be released from prison.

Nick has been chemically castrated and out of jail for two years. Astoundingly, during the filming of the programme Nick loses his second chance of freedom - he’s stopped by police for committing a minor driving offence. But the fact he’s joined in the car by a 14 year old boy (even though the father had given Nick consent to give him a lift) means he’s incarcerated indefinitely.

It’s with good reason the public fear their release. Studies show that as many as 1 in 2 men re-offend. Across America there’s a heated debate over whether castration should help the release of paedophiles and whether it really works? Protesters wonder if the offenders are hiding behind the treatment, playing the system in order to gain their freedom. The family and friends of the victims and offenders offer their stance on the subject.

In the meantime, in Britain, the Home Office are now considering chemical castration as a treatment for convicted paedophiles. The film raises many controversial issues –including; does a paedophile’s castration mean we should take the risk of letting them out? And if we don’t should be we be offering them the treatment at all and simply separate them for society forever?

Names have been changed to protect identity.

An Electric Sky Production for Channel 4

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