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Tease: The Art and Heart of Burlesque


Tease is a behind-the-scenes documentary about the world and the women of Burlesque. Insightful and enlightening, it looks at a beautiful, disappearing art and introduces the fascinating ladies of striptease who are trying to keep it alive. Character-driven… visually compelling… funny, sexy and poignant. Profoundly human stories set in an exotic world of striptease, erotic dancing and tassel twirling.



Imagine watching dozens of sexy, sensual women, slowly peeling away their clothes as they provocatively dance in front of a live audience… teasing, tantalizing, terrific. 

Picture these women ranging from gorgeous young girls to shapely, large-sized women to confident grandmothers decked out in sparkling g-strings, feathers, fans and boas. 

Listen as these unique women talk with shocking honesty about their lives, their dreams, their fears and their love of Burlesque. 

Enjoy some of the most famous faces in Burlesque history sharing true stories, taking us back through time and reminding us of the courage it took to step on stage. 

Experience the competition as striptease artists of all ages, of every shape and size, from every walk of life and every kind of background, vie to win the important title of ‘Miss Exotic World’.

A Paneikon - Katell Production

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